2 Pack Omonic Artist Glove Two Finger Glove for Light Box Graphic Graphics Drawing Tablet Light Box Tracing Light Pad Drawing Tablet Glove,Free Size Prevents Smudges

Product Description

Two-Finger Drawing Gloves improve your interface interaction - Litup glove with two fingers, designed for those who use drawing tablets, pen displays, drawing monitors or led light boxes and those who love ink drawing.Allows your hand to easily glide over the screen by essentially eliminating friction.No more accidental touches

Reduce the friction and prevent the scratches. You can get very comfortable while working without constantly erasing smudges. A life saver for drawing, no more smudges from your nervous sweaty hands on the display. It also helps reduce smears on pen or ink drawings

One size fits all - The stretch smudgeguard glove does not distinguish the front and the back, so you can use it either on your left hand or on your right hand, depends on your needs. Suggest it to anyone who hates having your hand grip the surface of the screen. Or to keep your pinky warm. Fit for men or women

Flexible to use - Light and breathable.Works like an air dryer or absorbent, once put it on your hand begins to dry after just a short period of time. you won't even know you are wearing it. And you can get details like those in one of your paintings.Makes it easy to draw without smudging or dragging the skin

Comfortable material - the glove is made of soft and smooth lycra, makes it comfortable for you to wear and will not hurt your hand.Package includes 2 pieces of gloves in the package, enough for you to use at school backpack/work room and your desk at home

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