50 LP Inner Sleeves Anti Static Round Bottom 33 RPM 12' Vinyl Record Sleeves Provide Your LP Collection with The Proper Protection - Invest In Vinyl

Product Description

SUPERIOR RECORD PROTECTION guards record collections, protecting your priceless vintage records from scratches, scuff marks, and tears, while keeping out dirt, dust and liquid – ensuring years of protection for your prized record collection

ARCHIVAL QUALITY premium anti-static round bottom inner sleeve, the industry-leading design, is thicker than standard record sleeves, providing the durability and protective longevity required by record inner sleeve and vinyl record storage best practices

ACID FREE construction ensures no risk of vinyl deterioration or label discoloration over time, safely preserving your most prized vinyl records –this is the proper way to store your pain-stakingly-built vinyl record collection

ANTI STATIC to ensure your records reject static electricity that can damage vinyl by attracting harmful dust and dirt

PERFECT FIT inner sleeves are optimally designed to fit a single 12" record, there is no excess paper at the top of the sleeve after inserting the record

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