82mm X2 UV Filter for Camera Lenses - UV Protection Photography Filter with Lens Cloth - MRC8, Nanotec Coatings, Ultra-Slim, Traction Frame, Weather-Sealed by Breakthrough Photography

Product Description

X2 UV (Ultra Violet) FILTER: The X2 UV filter features critically sharp AGC glass made in Japan, MRC8 and our state-of-the-art nanotec nano coating layers which help to eliminate flaring, ghosting and low contrast. Our modern coating chambers are airtight, producing a uniform coating visible to the human eye when holding the filter at a right angle to a direct light source.

ELIMINATES VIBRATION: X2 features an ultra-thin 3.5mm double-thread traction frame to remove vignetting in full-frame, wide-angle configurations. In our laboratory tests, 4.3 mm was the width of the frame in which vignetting is noted in 16 mm wide-angle configurations in full-frame configurations. Any less than 3.0 mm and lens caps do not have enough surface to grip. The 3.7 mm vignetting is completely eliminated.

NANOTEC: In addition to state-of-the-art MRC8, our optical engineers developed new nano-coating layer technology, called nanotec, from the ground up to repel dirt, water and other elements by beading rather than absorbing and smearing. Set in our completely weather-sealed X2 traction frame the X2 UV was built to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions.

DOUBLE LAYER & ENGRAVING: Laser engrave on each X2 UV traction frame to ensure that the letters never fade or fade after consistent use. We also record each X2 traction frame with a unique serial number.

25-YEARS SUPPORT: We are behind every UV filter we make with our 25-year ironing guarantee. Each X2 UV filter has a unique laser engraved serial number on the inner frame. By activating your 25-year ironing guarantee, we assign this serial number, so any future discussion about this unique filter is followed, recorded problems and all the things that go into the future design of the product.

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