Tesla Exhaust Sound System, Non-Destructive Installation, 3 Types Of Exhaust Systems, Remote Control/Bluetooth Control, Suitable Suitable exhaust system for all Tesla models (UFO+ airplane sounds-C)

Product Description

UFO/Aircraft/Sports car, 3 kinds of exhaust sound systems can be switched at will, the more sound drums, the greater the shock effect brought by acceleration. It is recommended to install two sound drums for daily use.

Applicable to all Tesla models. Non-destructive installation, no need to punch or destroy the original car structure, and does not affect the original car's functions. It complies with legal regulations and does not affect the annual inspection and transfer of the car.

The remote control button/Bluetooth, two ways to switch the sound of the exhaust system, greatly improve driving safety, and the adjustable setting of the exhaust sound level will not affect the listening to the radio or music in the car.

While new energy vehicles bring a silent experience during driving, there are also some hidden dangers of insecurity. When you drive a new energy vehicle behind a pedestrian, he does not even know that there is a car behind him. Frequent honking of the horn is annoying. The exhaust sound can remind passers-by and the blind that there is a car driving by him, improving travel Safety.

The exhaust system full of science and technology brings a shocking experience to every friend who loves to drive. New energy vehicles can be more cool than fuel-powered vehicles!

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