Podcast Equipment Bundle Profession Mic Kit with Live Sound Card with Tripod,All-in-ONE Sound Card kit Dual Output and Mic Interface,USB Compatible with PC/Phone for YouTube,Gaming Live Streaming

Product Description

🎤【Unique design】: Podcast microphone sound card equipped with a simple triangle bracket. After the angle of the triangle is opened, the support is strong and the microphone will not shake or fall. Dual mobile phone live broadcast, dual microphone connection, dual platform support, you can better interact with friends.

🎤【Strong compatibility】:Our all-in-one sound card kit can be used on any mobile phone, computer, tablet iPad, Apple iOS system, and Android system. The sound card supports 99% of the live singing software on the market, bringing a stable experience.

🎤【Powerful function】: Our DJ sound mixer is designed with 12 warm-up special effects, 12-level electronic sound, and 8 live broadcast modes. The color of the button can change a variety of cool lighting effects, not only can change the tone, reduce noise, monitor the volume, but also prevent out of tune,smart tuning,one-key elimination of human voice, etc, a variety of functions to meet your needs.

🎤【High-quality details】: The mic kit with live sound card has a variety of sound effects separately adjusted, and it also has an interesting magical tone. You can adjust your favorite sound at any time. It is equipped with a Bluetooth switch, which can be connected to the mobile phone to play music, and it can be charged while playing, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

🎤【Packing List】: Professional sound card, microphone, microphone tripod, sponge cover, USB charging cable, audio cable, earphone cable, microphone XLR cable, user manual. With a complete package, you can easily talk with friends, video, live singing, online speech, online games, and so on.

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