Ambient Weather WR-77 Survival Emergency Radio with AM/FM/WeatherBand, Flashlight, Smart Phone Charger

Product Description

he Ambient Weather compact portable emergency radio is ideal for your emergency kit, bug out bag, coat pocket, or glove compartment.

Ambient Weather's WR-77 compact AM/FM/WeatherBand Radio will fit easily into your shirt or jacket pocket for convenience and easy portability.

The WR-77 includes a standard USB port for charging smart phones and other portable devices in an emergency. Because the WR-77 uses standard AA batteries, you are never without emergency power. Alkaline batteries will provide at least one complete charge cycles for most smart phones.

The built-in Speaker enables convenient listening anywhere, and the earphone jack permits private listening enjoyment and improved sound clarity in noisy environments.

Additional features include an LED tuning indicator, a telescopic antenna, flashlight, and a carry strap.

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