Product features

  • NATURAL MATERIALS : Lava and Tourmaline,empowering pendant.Strengthen the body's biofield, increase physical vitality throughout your day. Enhances the body's natural defenses against the damaging radiation coming from all EMF devices !A perfect gift for yourself or your friends
  • ANTI RADIATION SHIELD: Radiation Protector against electron pollution from cell phones and other Electronic devices, WiFi routers and other household is a highly advance break-through in technology which can successfully reduce the harmful effects of radiation
  • SCALAR ENERGY PENDENT:Energy balance necklace takes harmful damaging orgone energy from Electronic- magnetic frequencies and converts it to positive organized orgone energy. Physical health ,With every positive thought, you'll increase your positive energy and align with its protective power
  • NEGATIVE ION NECKLACE: Wear or carry in a purse or pocket.The anti radiation pendant brings a decrease in your overall level of stress,Orgone Energy can aid in restoring balance to your body and environment by harmonizing the energy in your surroundings
  • EMF PROTECTION:Protects from EMF Radiation,effectively cleans stagnant and negative energy, promotes better sleep ,just live your life with more energy!

Product Description

FASHION AND POWERFUL:One premium quality hand-crafted Flower of Life Orgone Pendant,live your life with more energy and confidence
NEGATIVE ION PENDANT:As a negative ion generator with Japanese volcanic lava and black tourmaline, powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, provides a connection between Earth and the human spirit. Produces Far Infrared Radiation. Helps support circulation.
100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK the perfect gift for yourself or your friends. Great for Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

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