Astromania 1.25' Multiple 5-Position Filter Wheel for Telescope

Product Description

It is 5-Position 1.25" Filter Wheel For Telecope. and high-quality telescope filter wheel allows you to quickly and easily change.A huge time-saver for filtered planetary and lunar observation using different color filters, or for tri-color astrophotography pursuits. Included 5-Position 1.25" Filter Wheel lets you install all filters and then dial-in the 1.25" filter you want to use for a particular astrophotographic exposure. The filters can be changed very quickly at any time.

The robustly constructed filter wheel is supplied with a 1.25" eyepiece adaptor, 1.25" focuser nosepiece, T-2 camera adaptor and locking ring. The filter wheel can be attached to your focuser either by the supplied 1.25" nosepiece adaptor or via a T-thread. It is ideally suitable for visual observations with 1.25" eyepieces. and with the included T2 adapter it is also perfectly suitable for astrophotography with single lens reflex cameras and CCD cameras.

Keep in mind that use of the Multiple Filter Wheel requires 20mm of inward focus travel. This will not be a problem for most telescope designs, but could be a problem for Newtonian reflectors. The included T2 adapter comes with a locking ring, whereby high-precision distance regulation becomes possible.Its very sturdy aluminum housing makes it also suitable for heavy cameras.

Use: The Astromania Multiple Filter Wheel features a helpful number system that allows you to quickly place the filter of your choice into the light path. Simply note the reference number of each filter during installation, then rotate the knurled wheel until the desired number is displayed in the small notch in the filter wheel housing.

Care and Storage: Feel free to leave your 1.25" filters installed in the wheel during storage. To avoid excessive dust buildup, be sure to attach the dustcaps prior to storing, and use a foam-lined accessory case. The foam-lined box your Multiple Filter Wheel arrives in also acts as a convenient storage container. Simply unthread the 1.25" nosepiece from the filter wheel and place the wheel and nosepiece in the diecut foam. Now you can safely store your filter wheel without worrying about dust.

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