Astromania Flexible Dew Shield for Telescope Front Outer Diameter from 250-270mm Diameter - Keep Dew Away and Gives You Clear observing for The Entire Night

Product Description

Astromania flexible dew shield are constructed of black ABS plastic and are all felt lined for maximum absorbtion of moisture and baffling of stray light. Particularly strong attachment to the telescope by non-slip foam rubber at the contact area to the tube.

The flexible design is quite practical, as it allows you to slide the dew shield behind a cupboard or next to your eyepiece case - it is optimally space-saving!

The dew shield is lined on the inside with a black velvet-like fabric. This not only minimizes reflections but also ensures that no dew can reach the telescope's optics.

Height of the dew shield: 385mm, total lenght: 900mm. Suitable for Telescope tubes with 250 - 270 mm diameter.A dew shield prevents your telescope optics fogging-up in the first place. It keeps the optics completely dew-free and lets you observe for hours with the optimal view.

Flexible Velcro fastener provides optimal adaption to the diameter of the telescope or telephoto lens. Ideal for the transport - the dew shield can be placed space-saving around the tube.Very important if you live in a place that has dew often or if you use your scope in the daytime and want to keep stray light out and the contrast high.

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