Astromania Polar Alignment Scope for EQ-5, Black - for Both Northern and Southern Hemispheres Eyepiece Focus Adjustment to Achieve Sharp Focus on Reticle

Product Description

Good alignment of the mount with the North Celestial Pole can be achieved in a short time by using the polar finder.

The sighting is improved, with the precise alignment making long-term astrophotography possible. The viewfinder arrangement has been further improved, with precision alignment now possible allowing long exposure photography to be done.

Correct alignment of the mount can be achieved within a very short time with this improved polar finder. As the celestial North Pole (to which the telescope mount must be aligned) does not exactly coincide with the position of the Pole Star, using this polar finder is very important.

This accessory threads into the mount's housing along the Right Ascension axis. The optics feature a printed reticle that makes aligning on Polaris easy and fast.

Quick polar-alignment gives you more time to enjoy the view at the telescope eyepiece. Ensures accurate tracking and slow-motion control for your telescope mount.

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