BRENDO Carrying Case for Nintendo 2DS XL, 3DS XL, 3DS Case, Fits Wall Charger, 24 Game Cartridge Holders and Large Stylus - Black/Blue

Product Description

IMPORTANT: this case is for 2DS XL and 3DS XL not for OLD 2DS. NEW 3DS XL CASE and 2DS XL CASE: This new hard case includes a free large stylus. It is compatible with Nintendo 2DS XL/ 3DS XL/ 3DS / DSi XL consoles. Please note: this is not compatible with 2DS

EXCELLENT PROTECTION: This case is made of light and durable hard-wearing materials. It offers excellent protection for your 2DS XL/3DS XL /3DS console. Soft miro fiber interior lining will prevent your console and its accessories from being scratched. It features a mesh pocket that will hold your console securely. A separate mesh pocket is designed for other accessories like charging cable, earphone and stylus.

STYLUS: The new 2DS XL/3DS XL case comes with a free large stylus (as shown). The large stylus is a lot more user friendly than the small stylus that comes with your 3DS XL console. This 3DS stylus is comfortable to hold, and you are less likely to lose it. It is ideal for both kids and adults

LARGE STORAGE: This case also features 24 game cartridge holders, enough to carry most of your favorite 3DS games. The game can be put in and removed easily. It is an ideal travel case that holds everything you need on the go.

Console, games and accessories not included!

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