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Product features

  • IMPROVES CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Whether you run a restaurant, factory, medical center, caregiver facility, or other establishments with queueing systems, your patrons will appreciate knowing when they’re next to be served.
  • REDUCES NOISE: Food establishments and stores are noisy places. With these buzzers, your waitstaff won’t need to constantly call out a name or number to let guests know their table is ready or that they’re next to be served.
  • NO SETUP NECESSARY: This system is intuitive and easy to use, and it doesn’t require any installation. It consists of 20 rechargeable and portable pagers as well as a numeric keypad. All you have to do is plug it into the wall.
  • INCREDIBLE RANGE: The Pager Genius System has an immense range to let customers know you’re ready to serve them no matter where they are on the business property. In fact, it has a range of a half-mile within line of sight.
  • APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES: This digital paging system is suitable for everyone to hang onto while waiting. Its buzzing and flashing features appeal to multiple senses so that even the visually or hearing impaired, such as the elderly, will notice it.

Product Description

Looking for a way to organize the waiting line in your busy place of business? The Pager Genius System may be just what you’ve been looking for. This system was designed to improve the customer experience and reduce noise by quietly and systematically informing customers when it’s their turn to be served. Instead of having hosts and waitstaff yelling names and numbers, give them pagers to hand out that flash and buzz when it’s time for an individual to be seated. If you have a larger commercial establishment, like a mall, the system has a 1/2-mile range that lets you cover multiple floors, but you may need a range extender if your vicinity is larger than this. Pager systems have shown to increase the number of return customers and to improve online reviews! Many people are surprised to learn that restaurants make up only around half of all our customers. The Pager Genius System is used in churches to page parents, in car dealerships to tell customers their car is done, in pharmacies to alert someone that their prescription is ready, and in bowling alleys to tell people that their lane is ready. The Pager Genius System is easy to use and implement. When you’re ready to page number 4, just press 4 on the transmitter and then press the enter button. The corresponding buzzer will automatically light up and buzz in response! Store managers love that this system is easy to set up and doesn’t require a wireless internet connection. Just plug it in right out of the box and get started using it. Did you know that this pager system can work with any POS system? While a customer is ordering, grab a pager, and enter the number of the pager in the POS system, and the pager number will show up on the order when the transaction is complete. The Pager Genius System is easy to install. No charging dock, internet, or phone line is required! The Pager Genius System is the best and easiest way to help a host organize the waiting line. Order it today.

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