Product features

  • Helps monitor your driveway - This Dakota Alert MAPS BS Kit provides real-time monitoring of a driveway thanks to the wireless long-range M538-BS Base Station and MURS Alert Probe Sensor (MAPS)
  • Auto-detects moving vehicles - Once you bury the MAPS probe in your driveway, it will automatically detect any cars that drive 14-feet near or over the probe
  • Never sends false alarm - The probe is only capable of detecting large metallic vehicles. It doesn't detect moving animals or strong winds
  • Provides 2-way conversation - The M538-BS Base Station operates as a transceiver. It can receive alarm signals from any MAPS Transmitter and transmit the message to another MURS radio
  • Doesn't require FCC license - FCC The MURS Base Station employs Multi-Use Radio Service, so it doesn't need an FCC license even if it operates in Very High Frequencies (151.820~154.600 MHz)

Product Description

Dakota Alert MAPS-BS-KIT Wireless Driveway Alarm System

The Dakota Alert MAPS BS Kit provides real-time monitoring in a residential driveway or commercial service station. Simply bury the MURS Alert Probe Sensor in the center of the driveway. Placing the probe and 50-feet direct burial cable in a 2-inch Schedule 80 PVC pipe protects the wires from any damage. Whenever a vehicle drives over the probe, the transmitter box (mounted inside your home or shop) will transmit an alert signal to the paired M538-BS Transceiver. Because the probe only detects moving metals, MAPS will not send a false alarm if an animal crosses over your property.

The M538-BS MURS Base Station uses a low-power, short-range service. It can operate in Very High Frequencies (151.820~154.600 MHz) but doesn’t require an FCC license. The Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) was created by the US Federal Communications Commission and complies with their strict regulations.


  • Operating Frequencies per Channel: 1 = 151.820 MHz, 2 = 151.880 MHz, 3 = 151.940 MHz, 4 = 154.570 MHz, 5 = 154.600 MHz
  • Number of Sub-Channels: 38
  • Number of Alert Signals: 4 Alert Zones
  • Metal Detection Range (MAPS): 14-Feet Radius
  • Wireless Operating Range (M538-BS): Up to 2 Miles Depending on Local Terrain
  • Power Output (M538-BS): 1.65W
  • Power Requirement: MAPS Transmitter: 4 CR123 Batteries | M538-BS: Plug-in AC-to-DC Transformer Power Supply
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