Emakefun Nano V3.0, Nano Board ATmega328P 5V 16M Micro-Controller Board with USB Cable (Soldered 5pcs)

Product Description

The Upgraded Emakefun Nano is a small, complete, breadboard-friendly and high quality board based on the Atmega328P-AU MCU. Adopting Immersion Gold Technology. Support ISP download, USB download and USB Power

No Soldering needed. The Upgraded Emakefun Nano improved the design of PCB to solve the issue that the pins of Nano can't fit to breadboard perfectly. When you use our upgraded Nano, you will find the Pins are aligned nicely with the holes of breadborad

Nano's got the breadboard-ability of the Boarduino and the Mini+USB with smaller footprint than either, so users have more breadboard space. We use high quality PCB original material and iproved produce technology to make sure every board has smooth edge and more reliable quality

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