Gaming Keyboard,SAREPO LED Backlight Wired USB 9 Modes Switchable RGB 19 Anti Ghosting Keys for Gaming and Water Proof Music Equalizer LED Lights for Office and Gaming with All Windows iOS Compatible

Product Description

Music Equaliser LED-The Sarepo ECHO gaming keyboard comes with the unique feature of having LED lights that pulsate to the sound of your music or games.The audio is detected via a built in microphone which is then transferred into a rhythm that is then played out via the lights on the keyboard.

RGB Colours-The use of RGB colour LED lights provides a rainbow of colours that can flow seamlessly across your keyboard. This can result in a beautiful array of colours making long sessions at the PC more entertaining.

Anti Ghosting-With 19 Anti Ghosting Keys you can be sure all your keystrokes are registered. Don't worry about hitting 2 keys at the same time during crucial moments. With Anti Ghosting the key stroke will register every single time regardless if you strike the key next to the intended key.

Intergrated Palm Rest-The Echo gaming keyboard incorporates a palm rest support to help ease the pressure on the wrists during long gaming sessions. By resting the wrist on the palm rest you can relieve the pressure that builds up by keeping yours hands in the same position. This will mean you can game for longer in comfort.

9 LED Modes-Choose from one of 9 LED modes to help customize the Echo to your mood, taste and environment. You can select the music equalizer to have your keyboard led dance with your music or the echo mode which will radiate the led lights from each key stroke.

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