GE 12-Feet Digital Video Component Cable Silver, Compatible With All Devices Carrying RCA Output Ports, Signal, Up To 1080p

Product Description

INCREDIBLE VIDEO QUALITY: This component video cable delivers startlingly clear HD video quality, no matter the video source. It uses a top-of-the-range RCA connection to get the most out of your devices, whether they are 720p or 1080i.

12 FOOT LENGTH: This cable is incredibly long, which makes it massively versatile. Its suitable for home theatre set up, even in particularly large rooms. If the cable is too long for your current arrangement, simply tie it up with a cable tie.

COMPATIBLE WITH A RANGE OF DEVICES: This cable is perfect for connecting your DVD player, BluRay player, satellite or cable TV receiver, games console or DVR to your HD TV, or projector. Its compatible with any device that supports an RCA connection.

SIGNAL STRENGTH: Despite the fact this cable is an incredible 12-foot long, it still delivers a crystal clear signal and conductivity. This is because it is using high quality shielded materials.

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