Glow EZ Lock Collapsible White Beauty Dish (25')

Product Description

25" Glow EZ Lock White Beauty Dish, 25" External Diffuser, Internal Diffuser, 25" Eggcrate Grid, Bowens Speedring Adapter (Insert Size 150mm), Reversible Deflection Disk, Storage Bag, 2-Year Glow USA Warranty

Quick and easy EZ Lock system for safe and sure setup Super-efficient 25" large beauty dish design Great for travel, location, and studio Soft beauty light for fashion and portrait photography

More dramatic contrast and tactile feel than softboxes and umbrellas All of the benefits of a metal beauty dish without the worry of damage Reversible Deflector element assures no center hot spot

Includes translucent diffusers for a broader light spread Eggcrate grids for extra beam control and spill kill Interchangeable speedring adapters for favorite flash reflector mounts

The Glow EZ Lock Beauty Dish attaches onto the favorite Bowens mount with the included speedring, but most brands of studio flash and monolights can efficiently use this beauty dish with separately purchased Glow adapters for almost any monolight or the Glow S-Type Speedlite Bracket with Bowens S-Mount for speedlights and barebulb strobes.

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