Kastar Battery (2-Pack) and Charger Kit for NP-BN1, BC-CSN work with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10,DSC-QX100,DSC-T99,DSC-T110,DSC-TF1,DSC-TX5,TX7,TX9,DSC-TX10,DSC-TX20,DSC-TX30,DSC-TX55,DSC-TX66,DSC-TX100V,DSC-TX200V,DSC-W310,DSC-W320,DSC-W330,DSC-W350,DSC-W360,DSC-W380,DSC-W390,DSC-W510,DSC-W515PS,DSC-W520,DSC-W530,DSC-W550,DSC-W560,DSC-W570,DSC-W580,DSC-W610,DSC-W620,DSC-W650,DSC-W690,DSC-W710,DSC-W730,DSC-W810,DSC-W830,DSC-WX5,DSC-WX7,DSC-WX9,DSC-WX30,DSC-WX50,DSC-WX70,DSC-WX80,DSC-WX150,DSC-WX220

Product Description

Kastar Mini Rapid A/C Charger Features a Fold-out US Plug, 110-240V Worldwide Input Voltage, Car Charging Adapter, and European Plug.

Kastar Battery Utra-high Capacity. Use high quality Japanese Cells for longer battery life with no Memory Effect.

Charge indication Green lights for standby, Red is for charging and with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock.

All Items 100% decoded and 100% Compatible with the Original Camera, Battery, and Power Accessories.

All Items Include 30-day Money Back and 3-YEAR Manufacturer Warranty.

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