Mini High-Gain Stereo Audio Booster with Volume Control

Product Description

Premium preamp or mini amp with adjustable boost up to 20dB. Built-in high-end amplification circuits with ultra low-noise audio operation for outstanding performance. Featured with multiple audio inputs for connection: * RCA stereo L/R x 1, * Auxiliary 3.5mm min stereo Input x 1, * Aux 5- DIN input x 1

Boosting the output from low-volume audio sources such as tape player, potable CD player, MP3, TV or computer. Correcting the sonic mismatch issues that often cause portable players to be lower in volume than other home audio devices, resulting in distorted sound performance. Increasing the volume level for mixer or speaker setup, karaoke, audio recording, party, live stage event.

Helping installation with longer cable run between audio components. Adjustable gain to boost low-level audio inputs to the level needed to drive amplifier or receiver properly. Excellent solution for matching the sonic level from iPod, MP3/MP4, iPad, Tablet, CD player with Hi-Fi system, audio receiver, computer, loud speakers.

Provides low-noise floor and high musical accuracy for listening and recording. Used as amplifier for karaoke players or CD/DVD player to transform your stereo music to thrilled sound for party or outdoor events. Provide an external way of volume control for any audio source device or stereo amplifier that has no output level or volume adjustment of its own.

Compact and all-metal design for durability and shielding the electronics from electromagnetic interference with noise rejection. 110V AC/DC power adapter included.

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