Orb Audio: Booster1 Micro Soundbar and Stereo Speaker System with EZ Voice - Remote Included - TV Sound Bar Alternative - Provides Crisp, Detailed Sound - Lifts Dialogue Above Background Noise

Product Description

Easy to use soundbar alternative from Orb Audio – includes Booster Mini Amp with remote control featuring proprietary Dialogue Enhance function (amp dimensions 5”x3.5”x1.5”), one pair of Orb Audio Mod1X Speakers (each speaker 4.25”x4.25”x4.5”), one Orb Audio subMINI Powered Subwoofer (9”x9”x9”) and all necessary wires to connect the speakers, subwoofer and amp to your digital (optical) AV source.

More Sound Less Bar! Soundbars are all about convenience, but they fall woefully short when it comes to performance, imaging and sound quality. The BOOSTER1 from Orb Audio changes all of that – enjoy crisp, detailed sound with tight snappy bass in a tiny, décor friendly package. Certain to satisfy the most discerning audiophile AND the most demanding decorator.

Doubles as an audiophile grade stereo system for music listening – transparent soundstage and brilliant imaging. The BOOSTER1 features the same speakers found in Orb Audio’s high-end surround sound and stereo systems. All Orb Audio systems are modular and upgradeable making the BOOSTER1 a perfect foundation for a full surround sound system.

Dynamic, lifelike sound for your TV – Dialogue Enhance mode increases clarity and definition for dialogue and voices. Stereo imaging provided by two discrete speakers vastly superior to traditional soundbar; exceptional clarity and detail to voices and dialogue produced by proprietary Dialogue Enhance mode and award-winning Orb Audio speakers.

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