Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 Andrew Jones Home Audio Bookshelf Speakers, Dolby Atmos Enabled (Set of 2)

Product Description

ANDREW JONES. From speaker designer Andrew Jones comes a collection of speakers that bring professional-quality sound to your living room. These highly-acclaimed bookshelf speakers deliver on sound, creating an immersive listening experience.

PRECISE SOUND. Coherent Source Transducer reduces interference between midrange and tweeter, controlling sound directivity at all frequencies. This ensures that direct and reflected sound arrive at the listening position with identical timing and timbre.

THREE-WAY SPEAKER. A true 3-way speaker design means each major frequency band is represented with a separate driver. The high-frequency, midrange and low-frequency drivers help deliver balanced sound for a better listening experience.

DOLBY ATMOS. Ideal for either main front-channel or rear-channel speakers with Dolby Atmos, these speakers bring new life to traditional soundtracks and music too, putting sounds into motion and reproducing the full impact of the artist’s work.

COMPLEX CROSSOVER. Complex Crossover perfectly blends audio between the woofer and tweeter for greater accuracy.

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