PocketWizard MultiMAX II Transceiver, Remote Control Radio Slave.

Product Description

Thirty-two Standard Channels, Twenty ControlTL Channels: Creatively control groups of lights or cameras. Work in crowded venues or with multiple flash set-ups.

Manual Power Control: Remotely adjust the manual power settings of your ControlTL compatible flashes in up to three zones. You can have as many flashes in each group as you want.

Selective Quad-Triggering: Activate or deactivate flashes and/or cameras wirelessly in four separately controllable zones (ABCD) without leaving the camera position.

Auto-Relay Mode: Acts as a transmitter and receiver, triggering both camera and flash from up to 500 meters (1600 ft) away. Upon receiving a signal from a remote transmitter,the on-camera receiver automatically switches instantaneously to transmit mode and signals the remote flash units to fire in sync with the camera.

Repeater Mode By using several MultiMAX II radios in a row and Repeater Mode, you can extend range almost indefinitely.

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