Pyle Car Audio Wiring Kit - 20ft 8 Gauge Power Wire 1000 Watt Amplifier Hookup for Battery Head Unit & Stereo Speaker Installation Sound System - Marine Grade Cable Wired & Gold Plated Fuse PLMRAKT8

Product Description

CABLE AND WIRE KIT: It has 20ft. 8 gauge red power wire, 4ft. 8 gauge black ground wire, 20ft. 18 gauge blue remote turn on, 20ft. 12 gauge stereo speaker wire, 20ft. right angle/standard stereo RCA audio cable and 6ft. black split loom cable conduit.

DIFFERENT TERMINAL: Pyle car audio wiring kit has 2 ring terminals 8G 2 spade terminals: 8G, 5 spade terminals: 14-16G, 3 butt connector, 20 cable ties and 1 black grommet. It is high resistance in moisture and has all you need to complete the job.

WATER RESISTANT IN-LINE FUSE HOLDER: The cable and wire are marine grade that can be trusted leaving no spark and bad ground wiring. Also, packed up with AGU type 60A gold plated fuse. This is perfect installation in car, boat and outdoor amplifier.

POWER RATING: With a power rating of 1000 watt, this kit is an ideal for high power protection and sure to complete your amplified vehicle powered sound system. It gets current from your battery to your amplifier that increases audio purity.

Marine Grade Cables and Wires - 20ft. 18 Gauge Blue Remote Turn-On - Water Resistant In-line Fuse Holder - 1 Black Grommet

Perfect for Installations in Boats and Outdoor - 20ft. 12 Gauge StereoSpeaker Wire - 2 Ring Terminals: 8G

High Resistance to Moisture - 20ft. Right Angle/Standard Stereo RCA Audio Cable - 2 Spade Terminals: 8G

20ft. 8 Gauge Red Power Wire - 6ft. Black Split Loom Cable Conduit - 5 Spade Terminals: 14-16G

4ft. 8 Gauge Black ground Wire - AGU Type 60A Gold Plated Fuse - 3 Butt Connectors 20 Cable Ties

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