SPUDZ Ultra | Microfiber Cloth Screen Cleaner and Lens Cleaner | Closable Bottom | Black | 10 x 10 Inches

Product Description

Closed Bottom Design: Spudz Ultra is a premium microfiber lens cloth that is attached to a .5 mm neoprene pouch that flips close at the bottom. This is designed to keep the cloth protected inside. Ultra is made for the outdoors and is offered in 2 sizes; Medium, with a 6" x 6" cloth, and Large, with a 10" x 10" premium microfiber cloth and a variety of patterns.

Safe for all coated and non-coated optics: Spudz Ultra is a premium microfiber lens cloth attached to a closable neoprene pouch and is designed to properly clean optics without scratching.

Clips anywhere: The closable neoprene pouch comes with a plastic clip that can be attached anywhere. Clip it to your hunting jacket, keychain, bag or even your smartphone for easy access. A simple tug gets your microfiber cloth out to quickly wipe smudges off your scopes, lenses or even your laptop or smartphone’s display screen.

Won’t get lost: The Spudz microfiber cloth is directly attached to its carrying pouch. When you are done using it, simply push it back into its pouch for easy storage. The convenient design means it will always be there when you need it.

Made in the USA: Our quality speaks for itself. The product is made with top quality components that are durable and built to last. Spudz Ultra Premium Microfiber Lens Cloth is machine washable and reusable. Spudz Ultra is weatherproof and can properly clean optics no matter what the condition. You can choose from a variety of eye catching patterns to fit your outdoor activity.

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