Product features

  • NO MORE STOLEN TRAIL CAMERAS - This Trail Camera Mount is the SOLUTION to your problem - Secure them with a Cam Guardian. This Guardian provides 48 inches of steel band to secure your cameras to a tree up to 15 inch diameter.
  • Protect your Cameras with this Trail Camera Lock for a fraction off the cost of replacing a camera
  • QUICK AND EASY - USE ON ALL YOUR CAMERAS - Trail Cam Lock comes with One Uniquely Designed Key Tool and can work on multiple Cam-Guardians. Star shaped with unique center pin, preventing use with regular star wrench.
  • STEEL IS HARDER TO CUT THAN PYTHON - Keep Honest People Honest - Make sure your Cameras will be there when you return. Cam Guardian will work as a Browning Trail Camera Tree Mount and SO MUCH easier to use than a Trail Camera Lock Box.
  • NO BROKEN or FROZEN KEYS or multiple keys and codes for different cameras. SIMPLIFY your system and LOCK UP with Cam-Guardians.

Product Description

The Cam Guardian Maxx is simple yet strong theft deterrent that replaces the nylon strap with steel band that wraps around the tree and locks into an aluminum block using two security screw. The Cam Guardian Maxx Aluminum block is 2.5 times bigger than the original. The band is heat treated to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure and is coated to resist rust. Comes with 48″ band and the security tool needed to lock the band into the aluminum block.

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