Product features

  • ♥Free lifetime HDTV channel with TV antenna: You will no longer pay any fees for using TV antenna. The HDTV antenna is compatible with 4K TV antenna converter boxes and digital HDTV / 4K, 1080P Ultra HD (4K UHD) TVs such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, Fox. 1080 TV antenna is also with compatible high gain / 25dB TV antenna. HDTV antenna let you enjoy all news, sitcoms, children’s show and sports programs, etc. for free!
  • ♥HDTV antenna The strongest signal receiver:TV antenna uses the latest amplifiers and signal boosters. HDTV antenna is built in smart IC chip and applied crystal transparent filtering technology. TV antenna can collect signals in the range of 60-80 miles. TV antenna can filter cellular and FM signals. indoor digital TV antennas With an impedance(75Ω) for a clearer picture&low noise, HDTV antenna features enhanced range and frequency performance. HD and stable signal! indoor digital TV antennas.
  • ♥ TV antenna Wide scanning range & anti-lightning design:TV antenna scans channels within 60-80 miles. HDTV antenna constantly scans new channels for broadcast. indoor digital TV antennas With 16-foot coaxial cable & USB power adapter, you can place TV antenna anywhere at home for optimal reception.HDTV antennas The latest version of TV antenna is anti-static and anti-lightning so that you can watch your favorite channel or football game without worrying thunder affecting HDTV antenna signal.
  • ♥Easy-use HDTV antenna: Simply connect the indoor TV antenna to the TV,indoor digital TV antennas scan the channel on the TV menu to watch it. PLEASENOTE: TV antenna comes with instructions. If you have any issues, you can read the TV antenna instructions first, or contact us timely, we will provide you with a detailed description of HDTV antenna. NOTE: After moving the TV antenna, please remember to rescan the channel. Accessing - The "dtv gov maps" information is very useful.
  • ♥indoor digital TV antennas100% Satisfaction: For better use and experience, HDTV antenna provides lifetime warranty. indoor digital TV antennas No one is authorized to use the LiDadmai brand. If you have any issues when using HDTV antenna or are not satisfied, please contact us via email for worry-free service. You can also get a refund unconditionally. Full refund guarantee ensures your free-risk buy of TV antenna. Our professional team is always working to make you happier purchase.

Product Description

♥Do you want to watch your favorite channels like football matches, toddler channels, sports,ect, during leisure time without any fees?

♥You can with LiDadmai TV antennas the latest amplifier and signal booster indoor digital

HDTV antenna is built in smart IC chip and crystal transparent filtering technology.4K indoor digital TV antennas

HDTV antenna strongest signal receiver, wide scanning range (60-80miles) anti-lightning and anti-moisture design.

♥indoor digital TV antennas Impressive entertainment!

The indoor digital TV antennas lets you enjoy stunning 4K HDTV media and HDR 4K indoor digital TV antennas at up to 60 fps for more vivid, HDTV antenna As T antenna is connected to a compatible home audio system,the 3D Dolby Atmos audio-sensing scene becomes vivid.


If the amplifier of hd indoor digital TV antennas can’t receive signals, please remove TV antenna amplifier and try again. Accessing- “dtv gov maps” information is very useful.

4K indoor digital TV antennas After moving HDTV antenna, please remember to rescan channels.

4K indoor digital TV antennas It’s best to keep HDTV antenna away from interference sources & away from hi-power devices like air conditioner, elevator, hair dryer, microwave oven, etc.

♥Please avoid obstacles:

4K indoor digital TV antennas The actual acceptable range may be highly dependent on your distance and location. It will reduce the effective range in an area with large obstacles like valleys and mountains.

Please rescan channels after moving indoorTV antenna

If your house is within 20 miles of the tower, you can remove the detachable TV antenna amplifier.

Especially very close to the radio tower and signals are already strong, you are advised not to use the amplifier or booster.

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