Product features

  • Protecting Your Privacy: this webcam cover slider can secure your personal space, it can cover your camera when not in using to prevent spying and stop hackers. Perfect compatible with Macbook Pro/Air, iMac, iPad, all kinds of computers, laptop, desktop, tablets, notebook smartphones and monitors.
  • Rotate Design to Lock the Webcam: this round (only 0.5 in) webcam slider is really small just enough to cover the camera on your laptop, and the hole in the cover can be rotated smoothly to lock or unlock the web camera. Never scratch on the lens and the screen.
  • Ultra Thin with Durable 3M Adhesive: features 3M double-sided high strength and long-term durability adhesive to ensure the camera cover doesn’t move a bit or fall off. And it’s slim construction (thinness only 0.07 inch) can make sure your laptop closed tightly without a gap. The webcam cover slider is made of PC, totally friendly to human body. It has no impact on any electronic devices and eliminates any laptop problems as there is no magnetic fields.
  • Easy Installation and Fit: 1, Clean the surface of the camera. 2, Remove the back of the 3M tape. 3, Position and stick the webcam cover. 4, Rotate the hole by your finger to lock and unlock the camera. Various design for all electronics.
  • What Will You Get: 3 pcs webcam covers, 30 days money back guarantee, 1 full year manufacturer free warranty, responsive and satisfactory customer service support within 12 hours.

Product Description

Why do we need a webcam cover slider for our computer?

As the web and PC evolves, we spend more and more time with our computer for work or entertainment. 

Such unfortunate reports about somebody or some companies’ computers were hacked can be always seem on the news. 

Believe it or not, our personal space were easy exposed to the hackers through the web camera of our computer.

The NTT Webcam Cover Slider can help you to solve this trouble, stick this litter cover on the camera of your laptop or desktop, 

and then rotate the cover to lock your web camera when not in using.Easy to prevent webcam spying and stop cam hackers.


Rotate to Lock or Unlock the Webcam

Never scratch the camera. 

The hole on the cover can be rotated smoothly to the same position as the webcam to unlock the camera.


Artistic Webcam Cover Slider

Circular sticker can cover the camera just right, a diameter only 0.5 inch, and super thin of 0.07 inch. 

It seems like an additional lens for your webcam, very nice but not have any effect to your usage, 

you can close your Macbook perfectly as usual.


Super Strong 3M Adhesive

The durable 3M adhesive attached can fix this anti-spying cover on your webcam without moving a bit or falling off.


Widely Compatibility:

This camera cover slider can work with various of electronics like: Mac, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, 

Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7, S6,Note 9/8/7, Tablet, Surface Pro/Book, Amazon Echo, PS4, Xbox, 

Google Pixel,Monitor, HTC, Sony and more.


Material: Polycarbonate(PC)


Package List:

3 pcs Webcam Cover Sticker

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