Xfactor Hydro XFUV10BLK 10ml LOCA UV Glue - Premium Grade LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive) - Low Viscosity !!

Product Description

10ml LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive) Glue repairs approximately 5 phones! If this is your first repair, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using at least a 10ml tube. Using a smaller volume like 5ml may not yield enough adhesive in case you make mistakes and need to try again.

DESIGNED FOR SMART PHONE SCREEN REPAIR: STICKY-iCKY 1000 Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LOCA) is formulated especially for bonding the outer glass to the digitizer in a smart phone or tablet display assembly. Compatible with ALL touchscreen devices, phones and tablets needing LOCA to attach glass and/or digitizer to LCD

PROFESSIONAL GRADE, ULTRA LOW VISCOSITY adhesive dries clear! - 2000mPa*s viscosity (general LOCAs average 5000mPa*s). Thanks to such LOW VISCOSITY, bubbles/voids can be easily removed, smaller amounts of glue can be used, easier to clean, flows well, & cures with NO YELLOWING EFFECT, GUARANTEED!

EXCELLENT GAP FILLING & HIGH LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE: Xfactor UV GLUE LOCA fills fine scratches that may occur upon removing the old adhesive. Xfactor UV GLUE eliminates mirror effect, rainbow effect, poor contrast, and low brightness, while improving touch sensitivity for that OEM look and feel you so desire!

BLACK LIGHTPROOF TUBE ensures adhesive will remain in a liquid state, rather than harden like transparent tubes. Note: LOCA is sensitive to UV. Exposure to sunlight will cure adhesive, which is why all our tubes are black

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